Behind the Scenes of Rabbits and Wolves

Get the scoop on how WGDA’s 1st feature film came about.


Rabbits and Wolves from Jody Yvette on Vimeo.

Its 2004, another election year, the world war on terror is in full swing, and things are uncertain in the U.S.A. Marie Krolik (Jaqueline Sullivan) walks home after watching a movie with friends and witnesses a murder on a sidewalk in San Francisco. In a wild chase she gets away with her life, but for how long? What is she willing to do to protect herself? Rabbits and Wolves poses the question- are you predator or prey? The 1st feature film by Whaddya Gonna Do About It? Productions is dark, edgy, full of political intrigue. Written and Directed by John Madden, Produced by Jody Yvette, original score by Vincenzo Muro and Freak Tank. Also starring Christopher Gilmartin, Sid Breckinridge, Lee Kiszonas, Dot Adams and John Madden.


A Day in the Life of 30.30

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