Web.2TV brings the best series from the web into your living room on Channel 75 in San Francisco. The 3rd season begins February 3rd, Channel 75 at 6pm.  Also catch the encore broadcast on Channel 27, Tuesdays at 10:30pm.

Web.2TV Promo from Jody Yvette on Vimeo.

Web.2TV brings together award-winning webseries into a half-hour tv show that broadcasts on channel 75 in San Francisco, Sundays at 6pm. Season 2 included The Syndicate- a creepy tale of a family of serial killers, Heroes of the North- straight from the comic books comes an action-packed series of Canadian superheroes, A Time For Passion- a hilarious focus on a would-be director & acting coach, Naked Filmmaker- vital info for aspiring filmmakers, and This is Hamlet- the classic play told in a mix of interviews, reports & soliloquy.  Stay tuned for updated info on season 3!


Watch This! is a mash up of shorts of all kinds- documentaries, dramas, comedies, music videos, animation, experimental film and web series.  Created for Educational Television by Jody Yvette, Watch This! brings independent shorts from around the world to San Francisco.

Watch This! airs 3 nights a week -Mondays & Fridays @ 10pm on Channel 27 and on Sundays @ 7pm on Channel 75.


Watch This! promo from Jody Yvette on Vimeo.

Watch This! and join the short movie revolution! Watch This! is a tv series that airs on channels 27 & 75 in San Francisco and is now in its 3rd season. Watch This! mashes together shorts of all types from all over the world into one hour-long tv film festival. If you have short films that you would like to submit, send me a message!



Watch This! from Jody Yvette on Vimeo.

Get a taste of the boundless creativity of the San Francisco Bay Area! “Watch This!” is a celebration of film and video art. “Watch This!” mashes together comedies, dramas, experimental films, documentaries and music videos into a 1-hour show. “Watch This!” airs on Mondays @ 10pm and Thursdays @ 11pm on Channel 27 in San Francisco. Special encore presentation on Saturday nights @ midnight on Channel 75.

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