The Vagina Song

Maya is fed up with men and travels through fantasy worlds in search of true love; or at least a guy that thinks of her as more than a blow up doll!  Maya is best known for her San Francisco-based acoustic quartet, “Bugs in Costumes“- which combines raunchy, dark, vulnerable and intimate subjects with 3-part harmonies and absurdly silly costumes.

Song by Maya Prickett, recorded at WGDA Productions Studio.  Video Directed by John Madden, Produced by Jody Yvette

Ann Arbor Film Festival

San Diego Film Festival

Media Arts Festival, 1st place Rosebud Award for best video

Another Hole in the Head Film Festival

BECA Media Festival, SFSU, Best Video

City Shorts Film Festival 2009, Best Production Design

8 3/4

A Filmmaker searches for the right subject for a 24-hour film contest.

Made for Apple’s 24-hour film contest.  Written & Directed by John Madden.  Produced, Shot & Edited by Jody Yvette.

City Shorts Film Festival 2008

Aired on EATV Channels 27 & 75 and on 3C Media across the state of California

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