Our speciality at Whaddya Gonna Do About It? Productions is getting together a talented and passionate crew to bring a project to life. We do this with tight budgets, reasonable work days, good food and great company – yielding great results! Check out these Behind the Scenes Featurettes to get a feel for how we do it.


Behind the Scenes featurette- Rabbits and Wolves from Jody Yvette on Vimeo.

Find out how a guerilla film crew made a feature film in 6 production days with very little money, but tons of heart & determination.



A Day in the Life of 30.30 from Jody Yvette on Vimeo.

What happens when a guerilla film crew on a mission to complete 30 short films in 30 days looses their actors & location all in one day? Follow this Behind the Scenes look at ONE of the THIRTY days of shooting the ground-breaking project, "30.30". Includes interviews with key broadcasting and film professionals and faculty in San Francisco. This documentary created for broadcast on Educational Access Television and 3CMedia and has been used as a teaching tool across the state of California.

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